Our Story

Norman L. Rasch, PhD founded the Northshore Group in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1989. Dr. Rasch embraced a general name for the new enterprise because he envisioned a collaborative collection of independent practitioners delivering a wide array of mental health and collateral services. In forming the Northshore Group, he launched the careers of a small group of young clinicians and he left a solid practice foundation before retiring.

Over more than thirty years, Dr. Rasch’s creative vision has been realized. The initial staff of five has quadrupled and the range of disciplines, specialties and clinical experience within the group has grown rich and deep.

The Northshore Group has become a home where both clinicians and administrative staff have chosen to remain together for decades because it offers a warm, reliable environment and because it has consistently provided a healthy, adaptive culture of competence and excellence.

We remain indebted to our dear friend and founder who passed away in 2020. We will continue to honor Dr. Rasch’s generous contribution to our field and our community by providing opportunities for talented professionals to join us and to carry on his inspiring, productive legacy.